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Grants & Incentives

The District administers a comprehensive incentive-based grant program to reduce emissions throughout the San Joaquin Valley.

AB 617 is bringing significant additional funds to the Valley to help reduce emissions and improve public health in disadvantaged communities. Through the AB 617 process, Community Steering Committees have identified strategies in their Community Emission Reduction Programs which will use these funds, known as Community Air Protection (CAP) Program funding, in the identified Valley AB 617 communities. Pursuant to the most recent draft of Chapter 6 of the 2019 CAP Guidelines, please find below the CERP Project Plans listed by AB 617 community:

$80 million to Achieve Early Reductions from Qualifying Projects Under Moyer and Proposition 1B

Examples of eligible project categories are as follows:

  • Heavy-duty diesel agricultural equipment (tractor) replacement
  • Medium and heavy-duty on-road truck replacement with zero/near-zero emission technology
  • Heavy-duty emergency vehicle replacement with diesel or natural gas technology
  • Agricultural irrigation pump replacement/electrification and associated infrastructure
  • Agricultural zero-emission utility vehicle deployment/replacement
  • Alternative fuel infrastructure (fueling stations)
  • Locomotive (line-haul, short haul, switcher) replacement with cleaner diesel/hybrid/zero-emission technology
  • Yard truck replacement with zero-emission technology
  • Forklift/cargo handling equipment replacement with zero/near-zero emission technology
  • School bus replacement with zero/near-zero emission technology

Community Clean Air Project Survey: English Español

To meet the aggressive expenditure timelines under the state law and to ensure that the early benefits associated with AB 617 are realized, the District will utilize qualifying project applications and solicit additional applications for a wide variety of eligible, cost-effective project categories.

Projects Currently Approved for Funding

The District is soliciting input from all Valley communities, organizations, businesses, and other interested stakeholders to assist in determining the types and locations for voluntary incentive project investment. Towards that end, the District is conducting a series of comprehensive Valley-wide workshops, community meetings and targeted outreach campaigns. The main focus of this effort is to ensure that these funds are spent in the areas that will achieve the greatest benefit to public health and further the District’s mission of improving public health for all Valley residents.


These workshops will provide information on the types of projects available, process and prioritization for funding and the steps necessary to apply for funds. Most importantly, these workshops will provide an opportunity for Valley residents to provide ideas and input on the types of projects that they feel would be most beneficial for their communities.


For assistance or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us