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Community Emission Reduction Programs

Under AB 617, the District’s role includes the development and adoption of a community emission reduction plan, or CERP, for each selected community, in consultation with CARB, and residents, affected sources, and local governmental bodies in the affected community.  The timeframe for adopting the CERP is short: the District is required by AB 617 to adopt a CERP for each selected community within one year of that community’s selection by CARB.  A community emission reduction plan may include additional regulatory efforts by the District, if appropriate.  However, CERPS will, at a minimum, itemize clean air projects and identify funding for those projects, including investments in replacements of fireplaces, trucks, automobiles, and other polluting equipment and vehicles with cleaner equipment.  Significant funding has recently been made available for investment in community-level clean air projects, and CERPs, developed in consultation with the community steering committees, will identify where those funds will be spent.

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