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Emission Inventory & Reporting

AB 617 requires "Stationary Sources" to report their criteria pollutant emissions inventory as well as their air toxics emissions inventory to the State on an annual basis. These emissions inventories will be presented in the Uniform Statewide Reporting System, once developed by California Air Resources Board. Under AB 617, a Stationary Source is defined as facility meeting any one of the following:

  • Required to submit Greenhouse Gas emissions under the CH&SC § 38530 (Mandatory GHG Emissions Reporting),
  • A facility that is authorized by a permit issued by a district to emit 250 or more tons per year of any nonattainment pollutant or its precursors, or
  • A facility that receives an elevated prioritization score based on cancer or noncancer health impacts pursuant to Section CH&SC § 44360 (Air Toxics Hot Spots, Chapter 4: Risk Assessment).

See summary of Expedited Facility Risk Assessment and Risk Reduction under District Implementation of AB 2588 on respective community pages:

Note, the emissions inventory reporting procedures and requirements under AB 617 are currently under development through a public rule-making process led by the California Air Resources Board.

For assistance with an emissions inventory submittal, please contact the Emission Inventory Team at 559-230-6000.

For assistance or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us