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Community Identification and Prioritization

Annual Nominations for a Community to be Selected as an AB 617 Community

AB 617 Community Outreach Webinar

Annual Nominations
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Under state law, CARB in consultation with air districts is required to select communities annually for action under AB 617.  Before community selections are finalized each year by CARB, local air districts must conduct a thorough analysis to both identify and prioritize communities that should receive focus and resources through AB 617.  This analysis, coupled with public engagement and feedback, will drive the District’s ongoing annual recommendations to CARB for selection.

The District’s initial community identification and prioritization analysis for the first year of AB 617 implementation was based on extensive air quality analysis, numerous health indicators from the state’s CalEnviroScreen model, and various other socioeconomic indicators.  The District will update its analysis annually and seek input through an ongoing public engagement process as additional communities are recommended to CARB for subsequent years of AB 617 implementation.

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