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Updated with the correct attachments: Stockton CSC: Additional Port Emissions Information


Sorry for any confusion. The correct documents are now attached.



From: Nzong Xiong On Behalf Of AB 617
Sent: Monday, March 1, 2021 10:37 AM
Subject: Stockton CSC: Additional Port Emissions Information

Good morning CSC members,

Several members of the CSC requested additional information in regards to the emissions from ocean going vessels and the amount of emissions that could be captured with an emission control device, such as a bonnet system.  The Port of Stockton provided the attached spreadsheet that shows possible emission reductions with the control device at two of the Ports berths using data from their emission inventory data that had previously been provided to the CSC. 

According to the Port of Stockton, the average visit for tankers at berths Seven & Eight is 34 hours and the emissions were calculated for each visit and added together to get the total emissions.  The emissions reduction estimates were determined from actual data from the vessel, if available, or from vessel type averages that they collected from their vessel boarding program.



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