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Reminder: Stockton AB 617 CSC: Nov. 4th Meeting this week

Good afternoon Stockton CSC,

The next Stockton CSC meeting will be 5-7 p.m. this Wednesday, Nov. 4. An Outlook-based calendar appointment with the Zoom link was emailed last week.

Also some exciting info to share!

A quick summary of the SJCOG STEP Grant Proposal, provided by Jonathan Pruitt:

The California Air Resources Board created the Sustainable Transportation Equity Project (STEP) to address transportation inequity in California’s most disadvantaged communities. STEP is a California Climate Investment, funded from cap-and-trade dollars to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The STEP grant provides funding for clean transportation projects that increase resident’s mobility to employment opportunities, healthcare, and groceries while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Projects must demonstrate how the funding will address transportation needs and assist communities in overcoming barriers to clean transportation.

SJCOG applied for a STEP grant to benefit the South Stockton community and uplift the community via enhanced mobility and clean transportation. There are many project partners who are involved in the grant scope of work which includes electric bike share, electric car share, mobile ticketing options, and workforce development.

Projects Proposed in the Grant

The projects are rural and city-based electric vehicle car-sharing, electric bike-sharing, workforce development programs, and integrated ticketing, centralizing payment for transit, electric cars, and electric vehicles. The projects include:

  • The San Joaquin Housing Authority, Miocar will deploy 30 cars and electric chargers around affordable housing locations and ACE/Amtrak stations.
  • The Shared Mobility team will build on existing studies such as RTD’s bike share feasibility study and deploy 100 bicycles in Stockton based on community feedback regarding equipment type and locations.
  • SJCOG and its transit partners in San Joaquin will be deploying the EZHub mobile ticketing app within the VAMOS trip planner this Fall 2020.
  • The development of a Workforce Development program of education and future career training for residents in electric vehicle shared mobility systems.

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For assistance or if you have any questions, please contact our central office: (559) 230-6000