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Impacted Communities and Investment Priorities

The Valley Air District is seeking input from the public to help ensure that the new clean air funds are spent in areas that achieve the greatest benefit to public health and further the District’s mission of improving public health for all Valley residents. To assist the public in identifying and prioritizing clean air projects for possible funding by the District, the following maps illustrate disadvantaged and impacted communities in the San Joaquin Valley as defined by the State’s CalEnviroScreen tool.

ARB’s SB535 & AB1550 Combined Boundaries for Impacted Communities

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Senate Bill (SB) 535 (De León, Chapter 830, Statutes of 2012) directs State and local agencies to make investments that benefit California's disadvantaged communities. It also directs the California Environmental Protection Agency (CalEPA) to identify disadvantaged communities for the purposes of these investments based on geographic, socio-economic, public health, and environmental hazard criteria.

Valley Communities with Higher Cumulative Impacts

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This map shows disadvantaged communities within the San Joaquin Valley that have been identified by the State of California's CalEnviroScreen tool. The orange and red census tracts in the map represent Valley communities among the 30% most impacted communities in the State, while the red census tracts represent communities among the 20% most impacted in the State.

Valley Communities Impacted by Diesel Particulate Emissions

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This map shows communities impacted by diesel particulate matter throughout the Valley. Diesel particulate emissions are the single largest air pollution contributor to cancer health risk in the Valley and state. The dark red census tracts represent communities that are impacted by 10 kg/day or more of diesel particulate matter (diesel PM).

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