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Update: Follow-up to Stockton AB 617 CSC 11/18 Meeting

Hello Stockton CSC,

As a follow-up to our very robust discussion last week, we have several things to share.

Community Air Monitoring Plan

  • This document is a compilation of the feedback we received on the CAMP

This area of the website is reserved for comments and documents submitted by the CSC.  


We are committed to actively keeping this updated with communication from the CSC.

  • This document is all received CAMP comments with responses from the District
  • This document is the revised camp with the feedback and comments from CSC members

We will continue discussing the CAMP and your additional comments at the December 2 CSC meeting.

Meeting Follow-up

We’ve posted the clarity documents that ILG shared with the CSC at last night’s meeting regarding the Consensus and Voting process and the CERP Development process for you to access whenever needed. 

Additionally, we have also posted Catherine’s opening co-host presentation from last week’s meeting.

Thank you all for a productive meeting and we look forward to “seeing” you December 2.



For assistance or if you have any questions, please contact our central office: (559) 230-6000