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Stockton CERP Update

Good morning Stockton Steering Committee Members,

I am happy to announce that the District’s Governing Board approved the proposed Stockton Community Emissions Reduction Program at Thursday’s public hearing.  This was the culmination of many hours of discussion and hard work by the CSC and agency partners, which was recognized and appreciated by the District Governing Board during the hearing. Based on the written and verbal comments received during the Governing Board meeting, many steering committee members expressed a strong desire for additional time for further discussion on the measures to reduce emissions and enhance community engagement in partnership with the Port of Stockton.  In response to these requests and support, in addition to approving the proposed CERP, the District’s Board took additional action to provide a window of opportunity to discuss the previously-shared port measures (including $5 million funding allocation), and, if able to reach collaborative consensus with the CSC and Port, return the measures (including funding) to the District Governing Board for consideration for inclusion in the approved CERP, by no later than May 2021.  Given the need for the entire CSC to be filled in on and discuss this important issue, we will plan on placing this item on the agenda for the next CSC meeting, and ask that the CSC meeting be used as the venue for discussing this important item. 

We are extremely appreciative for all of your efforts over the last 15 months and look forward to the opportunity to work with you and all of the community partners as we work together to implement the measures in the Stockton CERP, and improve air quality and quality of life for residents in Stockton. 

Ryan Hayashi
Deputy Air Pollution Control Officer
San Joaquin Valley APCD
1990 E. Gettysburg, Fresno, CA 93726
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