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Stockton AB 617 CSC: 2nd Draft CERP and Agenda

Good afternoon Stockton CSC,

Thank you all, once again, for the thorough review of the first draft of the CERP! There were several comments from the CSC, both during the recent CSC meeting and sent in the form of formal comments, which provided great suggestions for improvement and adjustment to the next draft of the CERP.

Thanks for your patience while the District worked to address questions and incorporate those CSC suggestions in this next proposed draft CERP.

Click here for clean version.  Click here for redline version.

As a reminder, our next CSC meeting in Wednesday, March 3, at 5 p.m. (with potential to go until 7:30 p.m.) The agenda is posted here.

As discussed, we will be taking time to review any additional CERP comments and look to take a vote on supporting the draft CERP for adoption by the District Governing Board on March 18.

To prepare for the March 3 vote, the District would like to draw your attention to several key updates that were made in this second draft.

  • General Changes
    • Order of measure categories rearranged to reflect community priority (ex. Exposure Reduction strategies are first), based on CSC meeting consensus building activities
      • The final priority order and number of each measure will be completed based on final input from the CERP
      • The CSC will continue to prioritize and reprioritize after CERP adoption for implementation of the measures
    • All wording changes were tracked in order to better illustrate where changes were made.
  • Executive Summary (starting on p. 1)
    • Updated to include total estimated funding and emissions reductions in CERP
    • Added recognition and acknowledgement of CSC members and partners
  • Community Partnerships and Public Engagement (starting on p. 13)
    • Updated committee efforts to better reflect meeting logistics
    • Updated to most recent list of CSC members
  • Understanding the Community (starting on p. 27)
    • Added historical context write-up and figure to put CERP into perspective
    • Added TCC project area map
    • Corrected emissions tables that didn’t match figures describing the emissions inventory
  • Strategies to Reduce Cumulative Exposure (starting on p. 58)
    • Added more details to describe process of the CSC recommending additions or changes to the CERP throughout implementation
    • All incentives measures now include the following:
      • AB 617 incentive strategy allocation
      • Target units
      • Target emissions reductions (where applicable)
    • 1 Zero and Near Zero Trucks (p. 86)
      • Prioritized zero-emission trucks where applicable
    • 3 Planning and Development of Clean Fueling Heavy-Duty Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (p. 87)
      • Targeted this incentives exclusively at electric charging infrastructure
    • 7 (Electric School Buses) and HD.10 (Locomotive Switchers) (p. 89)
      • Added measure details
    • 2 (Clean Equipment at Port), P.3 (Tug Boats), and P.4 (Marine Exhaust) (p. 106)
      • Added measure details
    • 3 (Enhanced Enforcement of Wood Burning), RB.5 (Enhanced Enforcement of Illegal Burning), and SS.5 (Gas Station Self-Inspections)
      • Removed based on committee decision during CSC meeting
    • Metrics to Track Progress (p. 186)
      • Added table summarizing targets for incentives measures (Table 6-1)
      • Added table summarizing metric tracking for non-incentives measures (Table 6-2)
    • Glossary (NEW) (p. 190)
      • Added glossary of commonly used terms throughout CERP


Please take time to look at the CERP, focusing mostly on the changes described above. Please submit your comments by the end of the day Monday, March 1, for incorporation into the CERP ahead of the March 3 CSC meeting.


For assistance or if you have any questions, please contact our central office: (559) 230-6000